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Slideshow - 2007 Kenya Orphanage Visit


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Links to Video Clips of 2011 Team Visit:


2011-01-22 Safari to Kitui

2011-01-23 Sunday Morning at Kitui eccl

2011-01-23 Safari to Kibwezi / Hunters Lodge

2011-01-24 On the Road to bro Moses' place

2011-01-24 Visiting at bro Moses' place

2011-01-25 Inspecting bro Moses' farming plot

2011-01-26 Breakfast at Tiffanys Hunters Lodge

2011-01-26 Safari to Mombasa / Whitesands

2011-01-27 Visiting at Mtondia eccl

2011-01-29 South of Mombasa - children love to sing

2011-01-30 Sunday morning at Mtondia eccl

2011-01-30 Sunday morning at Mtondia eccl - exh

2011-01-31 Safari to Nairobi

2011-02-01 Safari to Busia (Western province)

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December 2013 - 28 Baptisms in Kenya


PHOTOS of an eventful & joyous time:

1) Group - Standing (from left): Fancis, Epa, Ephrahim, 

    Wilberforce, John;  Front (from left): Samwel, Erisania 

2) Baptism - Epa & Ephraim

3) Baptism - Epa & Mayende

4) River Namasere  























(Videos are arranged according to date & subject but not edited)


2011-02-02 Water Well at Busia (BCAF Project)

2011-02-02 Visiting Busia eccl

2011-02-03 Visiting Busia eccl - Hail & Rain

2011-02-04 Busia eccl - formal introductions

2011-02-04 Busia eccl - Swahili Hymn Sing

2011-02-05 Busia eccl - introduction of new Uganda members

2011-02-06 Sunday morning at Busia eccl (SS Singing)

2011-02-07 On the road to Sabata - Sabata farm plot

2011-02-11 Baptism of David and Agnes (BCAF Driver 1998>?)

2011-02-12 Visiting Kimikungi area

2011-02-13 Sunday at Nakalira

2011-02-14 At Nakalira - demo: how to make rope from Sisal

2011-02-15 Interesting experiments at the Equator

2011-02-16 Nairobi Game Farm tour while waiting for flight home